Why Tennis ?

Research has found that early positive experiences in sports creates lifelong commitments to active lifestyles, Tennis is fun for kids of all ages and backgrounds with a minimal risk of injury, NOT a contact sport and provides many social, health and pyschological benefits.

Health Benefits for Kids who Play Tennis


Constants movement and swings, with full body and aerobic involvement.  

Balance, agility, coordination

Quick direction changes, footwork, strokes and rallying improve hand-eye coordination and overall athletic agility. 

Mental Focus

On the run decision-making and concentration on game play sharpen mental clarity and agility

Strength building

Vigorous tennis game play builds both upper and lower body strength.  

It’s Easier Than Ever To Get In The Game

Thanks to the USTA, Tennis is fun and accessible to kids and families everywhere.

• Your child will enjoy playing with balls that bounce lower and move slower through the air, making them easier to hit.

• Racquets are sized for small hands, making them easier to grip and swing.

• Courts are smaller, so kids can cover them and have more success when they play.

• Kids have more fun—and want to play more often.

• Tennis is a sport that gets kids moving, improves balance, agility and hand-eye coordination, and can teach self-confidence and self-assurance.

• Playing tennis, your child can make new friends in a safe, supportive environment.

• Your whole family can play together anywhere–driveways, gyms and playgrounds can all be transformed into your very own tennis court.


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