About Semi Private Lessons


Are Semi Private Lessons for my child ?

Typically for intermediate players and kids who demonstrates above average interest in tennis and also have an explicit desire to improve their game, are willing to play tennis 3+ times per week and/or gets frustrated when he/she makes mistakes but doesn’t quit playing.

*Can maintain an attention span and physical endurance of at least 30 minutes.

How do semi private lessons work?

Semi Private Lessons are usually organized with:

  • (1) Coach
  • (2) Players of equal strengths and/or skill level (age equality not necessary)

Semi Privates are a good match when it’s clear that the child’s bio-mechanics could use some work that can’t adequately be addressed during group practice due to time constraints and the repetitions required to make lasting corrections.  The child should be comfortable being a main part of the lesson and receiving constant interaction, teaching and attention from either a coach or (1) other player of similar skill level.



Benefits of semi private lessons ?

Semi Private lessons provide the following benefits:

  • Constant activity and interaction with the coach and/or another player or hitting partner
  • Quickest most cost effective way to improve on existing fundamentals and produce improvements in any areas that need help while testing them against a player of equal or better skill level

Why are semi private lessons important ?

Semi Private lessons allow players with proper work ethic and desire to ingrain the correct strokes, test their own power, fitness, technique and impose their presence on the court at any given time and receive almost instant feedback from the coach. 

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