About Private Lessons


Are Private Lessons for my child?

Players and parents thinking about private lessons are generally looking for completely individualized attention during a practice session. 

Private Lessons are more for committed players looking to address specific things.  A child that wants to participate in private lessons should exhibit:

  • a clear passion for the game
  • An “I want to improve as quickly as possible” attitude
  • Willing to play tennis several times per week and/or gets frustrated when he/she makes mistakes.  


Important things to consider with regards to private lessons?

  • Can the child maintain an attention span and physical endurance of at least 30 minutes?
  • It’s clear that the child’s biomechanics could use some tweaking in different game situations that can’t adequately be addressed during group practice due to time constraints and the repetitions required. 
  • The child is comfortable “working” on their tennis, and temporarily sacrificing the fun of the moment for greater rewards and more fun later. 
  • The child is comfortable being one on one with coach as the main part of the lesson and receiving constant interaction, teaching and attention. 
  • The child is looking to specifically “fix” a stroke or several aspects of their game or possibly “round out” little issues here and there.



How do private lessons work? 

Privates are structured for 100% attention from the coach for the player (one on one learning)

Benefits of private lessons?

  • Quickest most cost effective way to build sound technique, improve shaky technique.  
  • Constant activity and correction, one on one interaction with the coach as well as some lecturing.

Why private lessons are important?

Private lessons are critical and essential to “ingrain” the correct strokes, for players to test their own power, fitness, technique and impose their presence on the court against the coach or a designated hitting/sparring partner in a high intensity learning environment. 


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