About Group Lessons


How do group lessons work?

  • Usually 3 or 4 kids of similar age and equal skill level being instructed and corrected by (1) coach
  • Structured hitting and drilling time with some point play to engage the competitive spirit as well as correcting of obvious flaws, mistakes and errors

Benefits of group lessons:

Significantly lower cost than privates and semi privates, more regular than Junior Team Tennis, more interaction with the coach, and more challenging than a regular "play session" or "play day" due to equal skill levels in the group. 

Are Group Lessons for my child?

Is the child demonstrating

  • Growth in technique and power
  • Interest in playing tennis, exercising, having more fun
  • Asks for more time on the court, and likes playing with other kids who know how to play
  • Looks at other players and their technique and make a conscious effort to emulate better players and better technique
  • Can maintain an attention span and physical endurance of at least 10 minutes



group lesson

Why are group lessons important?

Group lessons are fun, they lets kids get their first experience with one-on-one instruction even if just briefly, and with group lessons kids get to watch other player’s make mistakes and listen to the corrections and learn from them too.  Kids will gradually learn faster than a large group yet gradually enough to absorb the additional detail.  Equal skill level in the group promotes more fun while still allowing the players to push themselves to be the top player in their class.

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