Kids Tennis (10 and Under)

The main goal of the FREE 10 & Under Kids Tennis classes are to introduce the fundamentals of athletic development at this age: agility, balance and coordination. Some kids and older players will already be developing a love of "the game". We want children to love to play, compete and become lifelong tennis players.

With a major focus on agility, balance and coordination the children will be working in group, partner and individual settings for drills that challenge them in these three areas.

Classes are taught by USTA 10 and Under Tennis Certified instructor(s).

Healthy Kids Through Tennis

Tennis is one of the best ways for kids to become healthy, confident and physically fit. The very nature of the game of serving, returning and rallying makes tennis a highly active kids sport with plenty of movement, starts, stops and direction changes. As such, tennis is a great cardiovascular activity, and the movements used on the court help develop enhanced balance, agility and coordination. Mental focus is also sharpened through tennis because decision-making and concentration are necessary every time a ball is hit.



Kids FREE Tennis BG10 10U

Tennis usually requires courts and tons of instruction.  Fun Kid Fit's Play Sessions allow your kids to enjoy tennis through supervised play and interactive games and activities.  


We provide the racquet's, balls, nets, even the courts*.  A structured progressive play session for boys and girls 10 and under.  "Open-Gym" style play with minimal instruction.  Open to all skill levels, particularly beginners.  This format allows kids to have more enjoyable experiences early on in the learning process - and keeps "having fun" at priority #1.  Volunteer helpers welcome -  parents can assist!


A local park in the Kendall area of Miami, FL.   


  • Warm Up
  • Stretch
  • ABC drills & stations (Agility, Balance, Coordination)
  • Racquet Control and Basic Hitting Instruction
  • Cool-Down
  • Group Discussion and Round of Applause for everyone. 


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