Children at fault for their fitness?

We just don’t want to pressure them into something they don’t really like

Would your boss say that about you?  Would your high school professor’s?  How about your doctor?

Let’s bring it down a notch?

How did you ever get your child to go to sleep on time?  How about cleaning up their room, sharing and respecting?  We’re almost positive that no child holds a 100% positive and agreeable attitude every instance of the events mentioned above, yet parents found a way to do the right thing and get the child to see the positives of complying and consequences of non-compliance.

Children are growing, developing beings who require the right balance of pressure and rest.  Children are not adults, even if they think, act or sound like they are.  Their developing body has the immense capacity to grow and strengthen but they are not invincible and unfortunately when it comes to our health there is a little bit of truth to the “use it or lose it” phrase.

We firmly believe that as parents we are to create and set an atmosphere where obedience comes naturally and easily for our kids especially when it comes to how we view their health and fitness.  By setting standards, boundaries, and adequately communicating them; we can have a big say in what you allow in your children’s lives.

This includes excess Non-School related activities such as:

  • Excess food and/or over sized portions
  • Excess Screen/Electronic content time (PC, iPad, Phone, etc.)
  • Excess non-mentally or physically productive activities for extended periods of time

Let’s find a way to inspire and encourage kids to have fun and be active.  It’s not their responsibility it’s ours.  Their responsibility is to obey and trust us parents that we are doing the right thing for them now and their future.

Rules and barking orders aren’t enough, our FUNdamentals are the baby steps towards your child’s fitness and fitness independence (where the child is conscious that he/she needs to be aware of his/her nutrition, exercise and rest and the balance between them).

It’s a FREE 1 hour class on Saturday’s that gets kids having fun from the start with energetic music, warm up and stretching followed by fun games that get them doing some exercise, laughing and having a great time.

Sign your child up for a FREE event today.


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