Fitness FUNdamentals

(for Kids 10 and Under)

The main goal of the Fitness FUNdamentals classes / "play days" is to introduce physical activity, fitness and athleticism to your child in a FUN and social environment.  We do this by emphasizing activities and fun work out sessions that focus on the following fundamentals which are generic physical skills that are transferable to any sport, activity or fitness hobbies in the future.

ABC's: Agility, Balance and Coordination - a solid foundation in the ABC's is crucial for any sport or physical activity and excellent for overall physical health.  This is the most overlooked and skipped part of any sports or fitness program world wide. 

Fundamental Movement Skills: Running, Jumping, Travelling, Throwing, Catching

Cardio Fitness:  An age appropriate blend of proper stretching, warm up and cardio drills. 

Physical Literacy: A child's ability in the full range when looking at these skills and traits as a whole.  

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FUNdamentals = Fun for life

Many of today's kids seem empty and bored but we believe that deep down they just want to have fun and it IS possible to show them how to make friends, have fun and exercise all in one.  The Kid Fit FUNdamentals classes will do just that. 


A structured group fitness class for boys and girls 10 and under.  An 8:1 Student to instructor ratio is ideal for group settings but the great news is PARENTS can join in!


A local park in the Kendall area of Miami, FL.   


  • Warm Up
  • Stretch
  • ABC drills & stations (Agility, Balance, Coordination)
  • Cardio + ABC drills
  • Healthy Competitiveness (Races, Relays, Target Practice)
  • Stretch
  • Cool-Down
  • Group Discussion and Round of Applause for everyone. 

How can I get my child signed up?  

The great news is these classes are completely FREE. We hold about (1) class per month on Saturdays, usually from 11:30AM - 12:00PM.  

Parents all you need to do is simply register your child with the REGISTER NOW button. 


I filled out the form, now what?


On our SCHEDULES page we have a list of upcoming events.  All events are FREE, but space is limited. YOU must register for every event you plan on attending.  This helps Fun Kid Fit plan the lessons better and adapt to the correct number of kids registered for that day.   


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