About Us

Who/What is Fun Kid Fit ?

We are a family that wants to use our passion and knowledge of athletics to provide a fun and active childhood to all kids 10 and under, to impact the world and give back to our community.  We take advantage of our platform and give the glory to God.  We believe that kids from 3 - 10 years old are at the best age to be taught how to be active, safe and social in a fun way.  



About Chris:

Played soccer since 8 years old.  Participated in high school and all-star cheerleading and gymnastics, wrestling, swimming and recently tennis.  Naturally a "student of the game" when it comes to sports, health and nutrition.  


About Wendy:

Played baseball, basketball, and handball in Dominican Republic since 5.  Started playing tennis with the family in 2012.  She's a lefty so be careful.  Loves working with kids as well as senior citizens.    


Remember when as kids it was very cheap and easy to play a sport, a team sport or just have fun and play with friends outdoors?  Most 7+ year old kid's these days are in zombie mode stuck on the phones and tablets.  Some kids are over consumed in the emptiness of social media, fashion and entertainment, conforming to their peers and materialism rather than who they should be - Kids! Let's take back our children and give them back their youth and development.

Why FREE fitness and tennis and everything else ?

Playing outside was FUN when I was a kid!  Being active was SAFE!  Playing sports was COOL!  What has happened?  

Kids need to get off the phones, Xbox and the iPad and get back to playing outside, and see that exercise CAN and WILL be FUN.  It might just save their lives one day.  

There are many kids who suffer from multiple issues due to poor health, nutrition and fitness.  Wisdom is how to help them parents; help them gain "eternal" wisdom.  We can't condemn these kids we must love on them.  Kids need to hear that they are more than what their weight is, they are more than how they look in designer clothes, and they are definitely worth more than what their peers think.  We believe all kids are able to get a grip on their own health and fitness.  It doesn't have to be hard or expensive and it CAN be FUN, it starts with a leap of faith.  

"It's the kind of thing that if you're kids "get" this now, they'll get it for their whole lives."   Chris Mendoza



The solution

    • ONCE A MONTH Fun Kid Fit organizes a "Play Day" of a completely FREE 1/2 hour Fitness and 1 hour Tennis "club" workout or play session(s) for kids aged 10 and under. 95% Exercise / 5% Values, teaching, reflection.
    • Kid Fit FUNdamentals or Kids Tennis (10 and Under) which are structured sessions that teach the next generation how to manage their health and fitness.  We do this by coordinating exciting, FUN and safe play sessions for your kids depending on their interests. We align closely with the long term athlete development and other fundamentals of physical literacy but are not bound by these ideas. 
    • Before/After every practice we pray for our families, for our health and fitness, thank God for our freedom and ability to play for FREE and enjoy and also we pray that God continues to transform us and strengthen us to continue to obey our parents and love one another... We give thanks for all of these things and anything else that might be on our minds at that moment.   This will build up your kids in a different way.  




We accept all kids as they are.  No need to get right, get fit, make changes, clean up. We love them.  We're ready to do our part. 

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.  Proverbs 22:6

Our vision:

By now you're probably thinking "Am I still on a health and fitness/youth tennis website?"  

Yes, you are! Also, we can promise you that we definitely put the main focus on the activity you sign your child up for, (Cardio/Fitness Training or Kids 10 and Under Tennis) -- this page only serves to explain to you:

  1. who we are  - a passionate family out to serve
  2. why we do - we love God, we are blessed and want to share our blessing
  3. what we do - give free knowledge and teaching about health, fitness, and youth tennis. (coming soon: Soccer 2.0)

Parents we have an opportunity.  Athletics, Health, Fitness, Nutrition and just about all sports reach enormous social circles and world cultures each year.  Let's teach our kids through values, sports and upbringing how to change the world, not be changed by It.  

Fun Kid Fit wants to enhance your child's physical, mental and spiritual health through sound teaching that even the most skeptical PARENT can agree with.  

Let's bring a new definition to the words: student athlete and role model.  Let's change the world!  Fun Kid Fit seeks to leverage the broken and lost state of this community and bring love, perspective and empower athletic and sports minded kids through FREE teaching and coaching that help them further develop their athletic skills and confidence.  We do this because we love kids.  God is passionate about people, especially kids.  We teach with love above all else, without love we can't do anything.  


God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him would not be lost but have eternal life.     John 3:16

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