Parents, help Fun Kid Fit bring this program to the children. 

There's no reason why kids can't simply get together at a park or open field and have fun while getting a great dose of exercise. 

We've created (2) completely safe and FUN activities for parents and their children.  

Both are completely FREE!

FREE Fitness "FUNdamentals" Classes

A great choice if you're child is:

  • Very young (ages 3-5)
  • Likes running around having fun with other kids
  • Not really excited about team sports or organized sports
  • They've never really engaged in physical activity for more than a few minutes at a time

FREE Jr. Tennis Classes

A great way to get exercise for kids who:

  • Are ages (3-10)  
  • Don't like contact sports, sliding or tackling
  • Are energetic and like to be active
  • Like to be challenged and solve problems


We're glad you've taken a greater interest in FUN alternatives for your child's health and fitness.  

Welcome to our site.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts or concerns.  

With love, 

Fun Kid Fit Team


You're at the right place if...

  • You have a child aged 10 and under (MUST BE 10 OR UNDER)
  • You are concerned about their physical well being and how it relates to their emotional and psychological well being.  
  • You want your kids to have fun and be active. 
  • Your child doesn't really show an interest in team sports or organized sports

Miami, we have a problem...

Today's typical childhood health and nutrition habits have left the United States with a snowball of problems - Chronic obesity, depression, higher suicide rates, and a host of health problems for children under 10.  99% of which could be avoided by just a little more parent interaction.  

Parents we need to face it, if you can make kids take a shower, clean up their room and eat dinner, you can get them to exercise.  

After all it's for their health and for their well being.  Why not?  

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Plan your next event! 

On our SCHEDULES page we have a list of upcoming events.  All events are FREE, but space is limited. YOU must register for every event you plan on attending.  This helps Fun Kid Fit plan the lessons better and adapt to the correct number of kids registered for that day.   



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